Estate Reserve


Our estate grown Sagrantino is a boutique-scale effort; it is a traditionally-made deep red wine that transports tasters to the hills of Montefalco, Umbia, Italy. A rare find in California, this varietal is relatively unknown in the new world and is sparking curiosity from both the casual traveller and the serious wine critic. We have painstakingly cultivated this highly regarded Sagrantino vineyard over the years with careful sustainable farming. The resulting rich wine makes a bold but approachable statement.




Sagrantino is among Italy’s richest and most powerful wines distinguished by silky enticing flavors, savory earthy spices, and expansive dusty tannins. Our estate vineyard is singularly focused on this emerging variety. We are one of just a handful of wineries growing this variety in America. In a typical year, we produce just 4-5 barrels of Sonocaia estate reserve Sagrantino.

Italy’s Sagrantino is steeped in history and staunchly resistant to conforming to the global wine palate. And so is Sonocaia. Fans of Italy’s famed Umbrian Sagrantino love it for the rich quantities of color, acid, tannins. Famed producer’s include Arnoldo Caprai, Perticaia, Langarotti, Antonelli, Adanti, and Scacciadiavoli.


Sagrantino is rich and complex, densely colored, almost black ruby red, with leather and vanilla aromas; it is full-bodied, yet elegant and balanced. The aging potential is exceptional, often 10-15 years or more.  Suggested food pairings include red meats and roasts, mature cheese, pizza, and pasta. And of course Italian black truffle.

cheese etching - Estate Reserve Sagrantino
boldness chart - Estate Reserve Sagrantino
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