The Family

“Be Interested, Be Interesting”

At the heart of our winery and ranch is family and colleagues. Everyone plays a real part in managing and nurturing the landscape and vineyard. Our ethos lies not just being passive spectators, but active participants. This philosophy is aptly captured in our family motto with inspirational credit to Dale Carnegie – “Be Interested, Be Interesting.”

To “Be Interested” describes a person who has a feeling of wanting to learn more about something.

To “Be Interesting” describes the thing that makes someone feel that way.

When you visit Sonocaia, we encourage you to share in our family motto. Tell us your stories. Challenge us with questions. Make note of our many projects and initiatives. Add your voice and ideas to our efforts.

We hope that through this genuine exchange of interest and intrigue, every visitor adds something to our experience, and takes something valuable home from their experience.

Family - Family

Left to right: Ken, Dennis, Sophia, Cynthia, Harry, Elyse, and Jessica (and Doctor Peppercorn)

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Ken and Cynthia met on a blind date. They were scheduled to have coffee, but Cynthia had been thrown from a horse that morning and ended up in a San Francisco hospital bed. Not wanting to miss the chance to meet, Ken convinced her to let him visit her in the hospital. There they met, married quickly, and the rest, as they say, is history.