Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

July 7, 2024

Written by Ken Wornick

Backed by 20+ vintages and many dozens of wines produced, Ken is a Sonoma-based wine consultant and founder of Sonocaia Estate Vineyeards, Dysfunctional Family Winery and Hydeout Sonoma.

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Yoga Retreat at Sonocaia – by the team from Euphoria

Just a few spots remain for this Sunday’s retreat at Sonocaia. July 14th. 4:00pm – 6:30pm. Details below. Click here to learn more and claim a spot.


Euphoria Wellness - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

About Euphoria: What began as a dreamy idea in 2008 over a glass of Brunello in Tuscany is now a women-owned lifestyle retreat company with more than 100 retreats enjoyed by thousands around the world. Here’s to dreams, wine, travel and friendships.


Euphoria Monika - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

With 20+ years of yoga instruction under her belt Monika Kaufman has even more passion for sharing yoga with others than ever before. She believes that enthusiasm, curiosity and a sense of wonder fuels a yoga practice that feeds your soul. Her classes will meet you wherever you are at on your yoga journey by keeping it fun, and accessible with just the right amount of challenge to keep you fully engaged and growing.


Olive oil from the Sonocaia estate

New: 100% extra virgin, 100% organic, pure, hand bottled; available only at the winery

Olive Oil - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the highest quality, most flavorful, and most costly type of olive oil  – because it’s unrefined – never heated treated or processed with chemicals. And never blended with other oils. It has a green grassy color and bright peppery flavors and is ideal for dipping or drizzling over finished dishes. Stop by and try some Sonocaia EVOO soon.


July 4th in Sonoma

Sonoma is a small town with a very big parade and an even bigger fireworks show. Sonoma also has a vast array of non-profits. The Sonoma International Film Festival supports the local high school film department. And puts on a dazzling fully-walkable film festival every March.  This was our first year actually having a float in the parade. We were small but mighty!

July 4th 2 - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

Top row: Bob Berg, Board Chair, and Ken Wornick, Board Vice Chair       Bottom row, Cynthia Wornick, Siri Berg, board member Ursula Zopp, and SIFF Exec Director Ginny Krieger (note the popcorn purse, winner!)

SIFF float - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

I just hooked up the vineyard trailer to the Polaris Ranger and off we went. That’s our E.D., Ginny Krieger, looking resplendent riding on the back of the Polaris. Cynthia and Siri holding down the fort in back. The rest of our gang is walking out in front with the Film Fest banner. Next year, we’ll be back with popcorn and music too.


How hot was it really last week? 107F! And you’re dry farming grape vines during a heat wave? Yes.

Check this out. In case there was any doubt, the outside thermometer hit 107F in the shade. Everything suffered under the oppressive heat. But three days later it was back to the mid-50’s at night. And everything recovered. We are still mostly dry-farming the vineyard, watering only during the winter and perhaps counter-intuitively often while it’s raining. With this approach, the vineyard builds up larger stores of soil moisture during the winter – with both natural rain and controlled irrigation, simultaneously. And then in summer the roots chase the water down deep as the sun bakes off the surface moisture. The theory is it makes for healthier grape vines long term, and more stress resistant versus making life easy by watering all summer. And likely increases color and flavors in the wine too.


107F - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

75F inside, 107F outside


1 Sagrantino - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

Dry farming the Sonocaia estate Sagrantino in the 107F heat wave

News from Sonocaia

Coyotes have been around much more frequently lately. Thinking it’s the boom in the rabbit population. Also, no explanation yet, but it seems everyone around the Sonoma Valley has massive spider webs everywhere outside – walls, lights, furniture, etc. Even after a good broom or high pressure wash, they come back overnight. Must be an insect bloom of some kind supporting this large population of spiders?


The moment before an event is always fun. Here, minutes away from a Sonocaia wine and food tasting

KW - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

Sonocaia estate barrel room

Sonocaia bottle image - Yoga Retreat, Olive Oil, July 4th, and more

Sonocaia estate reserve 2022 Sagrantino. You haven’t tried it yet? What are you waiting for?

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