Dysfunctional Family Winery Launches Online

November 27, 2020

Written by Ken Wornick

Backed by 20+ vintages and many dozens of wines produced, Ken is a Sonoma-based wine consultant and founder of Sonocaia Estate Vineyeards, Dysfunctional Family Winery and Hydeout Sonoma.

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The launch of Dysfunctional Family Winery:

Exclusively for our blog post readers, in time for the winter holidays, Dysfunctional Family Winery announces the launch of our online presence – providing our blog subscribers with the first opportunity to purchase our wines.

Subscribers are being offered an instant 20% discount on all orders for the holidays. If you are reading this, you are very likely already subscribed!

Ready to shop? Click on this link:

Choose your wines, then enter this code for an instant 20% off: hydeout

The story of the Dysfunctional Family Winery:

It’s a simple premise – “we take our wine seriously, but not ourselves”. For decades we built and farmed vineyards and produced the wines for many noteworthy private clients – from Silicon Valley to Sonoma. From this experience we developed our vision for our winery. And now we invite you to taste our family’s wines, visit our ranch, and feel at home, relaxed, and ready for fun. That’s why we named our winery after all of our wonderful families – happily, humorously, proudly Dysfunctional!

Smarty Mockup

Mock-up created for smartymockups.com

The proposed Dysfunctional Family Winery building:

Hard at work for over three years with engineers and Sonoma County on the permit process, we hope to be under construction soon on our winery building. The plan is to create a modest but state of the art building – where we will produce several wines – our flagship wine an Estate Reserve made primarily from our Umbrian red Sagrantino fruit, blended in with a few percents of estate Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Cabernet, the tasty and affordable Red Blend, the juicy and racy Rosé, and a few specially chosen client wines as well.

Why “Dysfunctional?” In a contrarian twist – it’s not finance. Not strategy. Not Technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage both because it is so powerful and so rare.

The barn at Hydeout Sonoma

Before: the winery building as it sits today, an old 50’s-era barn. Not much to it and sadly not much worth preserving. We did our homework and there just isn’t any historical value. But we’ll be saving as much of the interior wood framing and wood siding as possible. The floor is mostly dirt and broken concrete. The two palm trees in front and the big oak in back will remain.


Dysfunctional Family Winery

After: This is the winery engineer’s “artist rendering” of the proposed winery building. A crush pad and large rollup door to the east allows for easy transit of fruit and juice into the building. A small south-facing patio offers views of the Sagrantino vineyard. Winery guests will enter through the opposite end of the building on the west side (not shown here).

Remember: click on this link and use the coupon code ‘hydeout’ for instant 20% savings on all orders.

Ken Winemaker

We look forward to answering your questions about all of our wines. Sometime soon we will invite our customers to visit the new winery and hang out at the ranch and join in our curated event schedules. Sincerely – Ken Wornick and the entire Dysfunctional Family Winery staff.

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  1. Julie Leitzell

    Hi there,
    Do you provide any tastings on your property?
    I have the property at 20855 Hyde Road listed and may invite a couple who is interested in purchasing to try the wines with me….or at least I would pick up a couple of bottles…one for them. I will order on line if not.

    • Ken Wornick

      Hi Julie –
      Please order wine here: https://www.sonocaia.com
      Then you can pick it up here at the ranch.
      I’ve sent you a more detailed response in private email.
      Thank you.
      – Ken

  2. Tim P. Ryan

    When will the Onitnargas be ready Ken?


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