Wine Business Monthly’s “Innovation and Quality” Forum at Silverado Resort next week…

May 14, 2018

Written by Ken Wornick

Backed by 20+ vintages and many dozens of wines produced, Ken is a Sonoma-based wine consultant and founder of Sonocaia Estate Vineyeards, Dysfunctional Family Winery and Hydeout Sonoma.

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On May 23rd and 24th, Wine Business Monthly will be hosting their one-of-a-kind forum for ultra premium wineries focused on Innovations that Advance Wine Quality. Located at the Silverado Resort, the industry’s foremost wineries and researchers will be gathering to share insights and data…

Silverado Resort IQ venue - Wine Business Monthly's "Innovation and Quality" Forum at Silverado Resort next week...

To review the entire schedule including speakers, sessions, research, and tastings, click here:

To register, click here:

There will be some incredibly insightful topics presented including…

  • A Comprehensive Interpretation of Cabernet: The Marchesi Antinori Perspective
  • How to Fall in Love with Phenolics and Keep the Relationship Fresh
  • The Evolving Role of Oxygen in Fermentation Processes and Why Should We Care?
  • Does Mechanical Harvesting Provide Superior Grapes?

And these wine tasting trials:

Wine Tasting Trials 1 - Wine Business Monthly's "Innovation and Quality" Forum at Silverado Resort next week...

And for those of you who cannot attend, or are not in the industry but enjoy wine, I think you will find a cruise through the web pages of Wine Business Monthly to be fascinating and informative:

Passes are available to the personnel and proprietors of wineries, grape growers and vineyard management companies.

See you there!

Ken Wornick, Hydeout Sonoma Consulting

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